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A 29-year veteran of the music business, Kim Fowler founded Two Dog Media in 2007 after serving eight years as VP of Artist and Media Relations at Sugar Hill Records, the premiere independent label for American roots music. Kim created and implemented national media campaigns for Sugar Hill’s electric roster that included Dolly Parton, Nickel Creek, Tim O’Brien, Scott Miller, Sonny Landreth, Guy Clark, and Allison Moorer, to name a few. Kim was the creative director for Sugar Hill’s music videos and handled all aspects of the press and video campaigns for Dolly Parton’s series of critically acclaimed bluegrass and acoustic albums, which garnered two Grammy awards.

 Adam Klein will debut his album, 

Low Flyin' Planes, March 1st, 2019

Nathan Kalish was reviewed in 

Rolling Stone Magazine, "Americana and country that dips its toes into the waters of alternative rock and psychedelia."

"Blue Collar," Songwriting Make ‘Em Famous: Nathan Kalish

"What separates the pros from the amateurs, the successful and the unsuccessful, is essentially the same thing that separates hard workers from lazy pieces of shit. Regardless, certain singer-songwriters who started with cult followings have risen to a level where most music fans have at least heard of them. Conor Oberst, Ingrid Michaelson, Ryan Adams, and Jason Isbell come to mind, though I’m sure you’ve already thought of others. For shit’s sake, I think it’s about time that Nathan Kalish was added to this list."

 New Album - Adam Klein - 2019
Low Flyin' Planes

March 1 2019

"Immersive Atlanta, "- "According to Athens singer-songwriter Adam Klein, there will be a full band version of “Crossin’ Texas” on his forthcoming LP Low Flyin’ Planes, but it’s tough to imagine it carrying the same forlorn poignancy as this stripped-down version captured by the Attic Sounds at Eddie’s Attic. Accompanied by Adam Poulin on fiddle, Klein delivers a stark meditation on financial hardship and the struggle to pursue your passions when there are bills to be paid, albeit with an eye towards freedom and escape. “They’re gonna repossess my soul,” he laments over his gentle acoustic and Poulin’s wistful strains, but rather than caving to his fears, Klein looks towards Texas and Highway 61 for a sense of liberation."

Jason Erie

MUSIC CITY MIKE, November 20, 2018.
"For five years, Jason Erie fronted the New York-based rock band Waking Up East resulting in two LPs and several tours across the USA. After a brief break and a move to Music City, he has released his debut solo record, “The Art of Letting Go,” a poignantly personal seven-song EP that commands an attentive listen. Jason’s musical journey kicks off with the stark “Nebraska” feel of “Talking to Chairs” and closes with the jangly optimistic country-rock chords of  “Some Kind of Way.”   


The Hubcap Stealers
"The band is a duo of Father & Son"

Neal Sowers (41) is on the guitar and vocals, and Ian Sowers (18) is on the drums. Together they possess a sound backed by reverberated slide guitars and drums. These guys know how to play it thick and raw. Residing just outside of Ventura CA, The Hubcap Stealers consists of a two-member, father & son duo. Together they possess an edgy sound with thick punching drums, accompanied by Neal’s vocals. Be known - these guys know how to play it raw. The band plays rock'n' roll and the Blues.
"They have taken this sound and put their dark and twisted spin on it; it’s effortless to fall victim to its liking."

New Album, Grandeur  by Dan Krikorian

Fifth Album January 18, 2019

A Twin Kennedy Christmas

Two Dog Media’s clients includes Ann Arbor’s “The Ark” 50th Anniversary,  Michael Dean Damron (New York Times Review),  

Tim O'Brien, Dale Bradley-(New York Times Review). As well as Underhill Rose, Authentic Cajun Band The Revelers (who were nominated for a Grammy). The Royal Hounds, Mark Ford  of The Black Crowes, and the band, Marah.

Operation Song – Songwriting for Active Military and Veterans.  

And much more...